Episode Three – Richie’s Cup Runneth Over

Potsie invites Richie to his cousin Arnold’s stag party at the Crystal Hotel. In preparation for the night, the pair drink many cartons of milk to line their stomachs for the alcohol they plan to drink. Fonzie tells them olive oil will do the job better.
(Episode Three – Richie’s Cup Runneth Over)

At the party Potsie and Richie are presented with cigars on arrival. They’re then shown some nude playing cards. Next they join a drinking game called ‘Sloppy 60’s. The aim is to down one shot of brew every 60 seconds – ‘first one out is a draft dodger’.

The entertainment for the night is a girl called Verna La Vern, who pops out of a cake. Verna gives Richie a lift home. Howard is waiting and begins making cups of coffee for a clearly intoxicated Richie. Howard delivers his ‘drinking doesn’t make you a man’ speech.

Howard : You didn’t have too much to drink, now, did you?

Richie:  Oh, that’s silly. All we had was some beer in teeny-weeny glasses.

Howard: How many teeny-weeny glasses did you have?

Richie:  72…

Howard: I think it’s time for some teeny-weeny cups of coffee.

4 thoughts on “Episode Three – Richie’s Cup Runneth Over

  1. I remember those days so well. I can count three times that I’ll never forget becoming so inebriated that I decided I would never drink again…and didn’t for many years. And once while my parents were at a party on New Years Eve and my brother had friends over to see Superman premiering on cable or something, I drank a bunch of their beer and was SO SICK. And I was all of 15 at the time. What was I thinking? Whatever Richie was thinking, lol
  2. Rites of passage indeed. They’re crystal clear, Glen. 1. at 15 2. at a dude ranch in Wyoming (where I was working when I was 19 and 20; this one was the worst. I lay down in the dirt and couldn’t get up and I remember people just walking by me, nobody helping, because they were all drunk too, lol) 3. out with friends to a bunch of bars many years later in my mid/late-30s Each time at least five years went by before I even had a beer again, much less got drunk, which I didn’t. I guess that’s pretty tame, compared to many.

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