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Episode Four – Guess Who’s Coming to Visit

Local hood Skizzy challenges Ralph Malph to a drag race. They both agree it will take place at the old airport road at 9pm that night. Potsie decides to stay over at Richie‘s house that night. Later Ralph appears outside Richie’s bedroom window. He tells Richie the race has been rescheduled for midnight.
(Episode Four – Guess Who’s Coming to Visit)

At 11:30pm Richie and Potsie sneak out of the house to attend the drag race. Richie is appointed the race starter. He is just about to wave down the signal flag to commence the race when Howard and the police both turn up at the same time.

Everyone attending the race, including Howard, are forced to attend the local police station. There they are warned by the local sergeant about the illegality of drag racing.

When they arrive back home, Howard grounds Richie ‘for life’. Marion later forces Howard to downground the punishment to two weeks.

This was the episode being filmed when musician John Lennon and his son Julian visited the HAPPY DAYS set. The visit resulted in the now widely-circulated photo below taken with the cast of the show.

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