Episode 7 – Fonzie Drops In

Fonzie expresses a wish to finish his high school education. After a meeting with Principal Faraday in which he enlists Richie‘s help to do his speaking for him, it is agreed he can start back the next day.
(Episode 7 – Fonzie Drops In)

Fonzie’s first class begins with him entering late and then proceeding to rearrange the seating plan so he can sit next to the prettiest girl. He later asks Richie to do his homework for him.

For an upcoming history exam, Fonzie approaches Richie for help. Richie invites Fonzie to dinner at his house and says he will tutor Fonzie for the test that same night. Joanie warns Howard and Marion prior to arrival that “Fonzie is a hood”. Richie corrects her, saying “No, he’s just… worldly.”

After dinner, Fonzie and Richie discuss the history test. Fonzie informs Richie he will actually tutor him… in the art of cheating. Richie protests but Fonzie is insistent. Richie is made to practice a series of coughing ‘signals’ in preparation for the true/false test.

During the exam the next day, Fonzie prompts Richie to commence signaling to him the answers via the coughing routine they have rehearsed – one cough for false / two coughs for true. But Richie whispers to Fonzie he has changed his mind and cannot go through with the deception.

Later that day, Richie is fearful about the possible repercussions he may suffer at the hands of Fonzie for reneging on their ‘deal’. Fonzie lets Richie know he is ok with everything and that he passed the test (“by one point”) anyway.

Fonzie then tells Richie he has informed the Principal he will not be continuing his education. Richie is incredulous, pointing out to Fonzie he has proved he can do it. Fonzie replies he knows now High School is not for him. As the “Mickey Mantel of the grease pits” he says he realizes he is more suited to being an A Grade motor mechanic.

Actor Stuart Nesbit (1934 – 2016) played the part of Principal Faraday. Among numerous film and tv roles, he appeared in the following movies –

3 thoughts on “Episode 7 – Fonzie Drops In

  1. Joanie: “Fonzie is a hood.” Richie: “He’s just…worldy.” LOL If I didn’t know about this series and was just reading this about Fonzie and his behavior, I’d think he was just an uneducated narcissistic loser. Its funny how he become such a beloved character. Also cannot believe the coughing cheating scheme for Millionaire. Gonna go look that up right now!
  2. Pretty certain they wouldn’t be able to pull off the ‘ol coughing ruse in modern times – Covid Pandemic and all. As to the very idea of a ‘True – False’ test – all I can say is ‘how quaint’ and ‘how 1950’s’!

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