Episode 15 – Knock Around The Block

Ralph, Richie and Potsie are relaxing at Arnolds when they are confronted by tough-talking members of THE DUKES. Their leader, Frankie Molinar, thanks Richie for helping his kid sister who he says was getting picked on one day after school. Frankie promises to owe Richie a favour.

The next day THE DUKES steal Potsie’s bicycle. Richie, remembering Frankie’s gratitude for his good deed, goes down to the pool hall to ask for it back. He is unsuccessful and returns to ask for Fonzie’s assistance. However Fonzie says he will not go to war over a mere bicycle.

Potsie volunteers that he is friends with the football team and says they would make formidable opponents to intimidate THE DUKES. He promises to be at the poolhall at 7pm with the entire team.

Potsie, Ralph and Richie arrive at the pool hall shortly before 7pm. The only person who turns up to support them from the football team however is the duck-costume-wearing mascot. THE DUKES arrive and are about to launch into demolition mode when Fonzie and a group of tough looking mates arrive.

Richie, Ralph and Potsie go to thank Fonzie but he says his friends didn’t come to rumble. He says he told them he knew some guys who wanted to shout them to free drinks and pool. Potsie is elected as the one who will pay them.

The actor who played the pool hall attendant was Herbie Faye (1899 – 1980). Among a great many television and film credits, he appeared in three of my all-time favorite Jerry Lewis movies –

6 thoughts on “Episode 15 – Knock Around The Block

  1. Herbie Faye. Born in 1899! A-ma-zing. But I guess to a kid born in 2010, the 1960s seem like the 1800s. Anyway, I guess that’s fair, what Fonzie did for Potsie. Can you believe when hubby was growing up, NYC was still rife with gangs? He spent his time trying to avoid getting “inducted” into one. The police’s super radical solution was to go around “assassinating” (murdering) the leaders of each gang. Chaos ensued as they fought each other for control and eventually just fell apart…
    • Just finished reading a little bit about former gang member and pro boxer Reggie Gross (now aged 60) from Baltimore. He fought a young Mike Tyson back in 1986 but soon got addicted to street heroin and was convicted of three hired contract gang killings. His release date, can you believe it, is 2048.

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