Episode 4 (S2) – You Go To My Head

Richie, Potsie and Ralph emerge from a movie theatre, having just seen a James Dean double feature. Richie spots Carol Lipton, a girl he is fond of, but cannot bring himself to ask her out. He consults Fonzie for advice.

FONZIE: You sprout feathers every time you try to talk to a new chick, Cunningham.

RICHIE: So what’s a guy supposed to do about that anyway?

FONZIE: You gotta ask me that after you have just seen two James Dean movies? You know how Dean gets chicks? I’ll tell ya how Dean gets chicks: ’cause he acts nutsy.

RICHIE: Acting nutsy gets chicks?

FONZIE: That’s right. Chicks go for troubled guys. That’s how Dean got Natalie Wood.

Fonzie follows with a demonstration. He acts ‘troubled’ inside Arnolds and, sure enough, in quick time a ‘chick’ comes running to console him.

Richie tries the same routine the next day with Carol Lipton but the plan backfires. She calls him ‘strange’ and hands Richie a study book she is holding, ABNORMAL PYSCHOLOGY, advising him to read it.

Richie soon becomes engrossed in the book and starts believing he is abnormal. “This book has illuminated the dark recesses of my mind and I see a lot of trouble in there.” he observes.

Ralph tries to convince Richie he is no crazier than anyone else. However, soon after Richie makes an appointment to see a psychiatrist (at the College Free Clinic).

Richie tries to convince the psychiatrist he is there as part of research he is doing for a project about problems faced by teenagers. It soon becomes clear that the problems with ‘shyness’ he is describing are his own.

Richie arrives home from seeing the psychiatrist. He announces to his parents that, as part of the whole-family model of treatment, they too have an appointment to see him. Howard comments, “The only thing bothering Richard is adolescence.”

Richie returns to Fonzie for fresh ideas. Fonzie advises him to ‘Be yourself’, admitting the ‘Act like Dean‘ advice was ‘dumb’. Fonzie advises Richie to face his fears. For Richie, this means going up to the first girl he sees and ”planting a kiss right on her lips”.

Richie tries it, with good results. Marion and Howard return home from the psychiatrist’s office and tell Richie the psychiatrist has diagnosed him as perfectly normal. “I know” replies Richie, back to his old self after the ‘kiss-a-stranger’ therapy technique has cleared his head.

This is another HAPPY DAYS episode that was cleverly named after the title of a popular song.

YOU GO TO MY HEAD (written and first recorded in 1938) has been recorded by many artists over the years, including Frank Sinatra, Judy Garland, Doris Day, Bing Crosby, Miles Davis, Rod Stewart, Chuck Berry and Bob Dylan.

The song has been featured in these three films as well…

4 thoughts on “Episode 4 (S2) – You Go To My Head

  1. Where the H-E-double hockey sticks is everyone, Glen? You had a lot more viewers for Lost in Space. I think some people got lost in the switchover to Days! This is a hilarious one. I love that Richie’s weird behavior garners him an “abnormal psychology” book and then he’s convinced he IS abnormal. And, ah, the days when one COULD plant a kiss on a stranger and not get arrested for it, lol. Sadly, I had to look up You Go To My Head. I vaguely remember this song. I can see why it would have been so popular and covered so many different times, though, because it’s so subtly sexy and moody and jazzy.
  2. I’ve wondered the same thing Stacey, regarding the popularity of this site. I’ve actually paid an SEO expert to try to optimize the sites’ GOOGLE rankings, which turned out to be pretty much a waste of money. I never had to pull tricks like that with LOST IN SPACE FIRESIDE. Yeah, I love this episode too.
  3. Sorry to hear that about the site. It really makes no sense! As for Richie and his girl issues…it just makes me SO HAPPY I’m not a guy. I would not want to have to go through everything he goes through…and that guys STILL have to go through today to woo women, lol

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