Episode 6 (S2) – HAUNTED

Ralph plans to stage a Halloween party at the old abandoned Simpson house.

He asks Richie to go around to check out the house first. Richie pulls up outside in his car with sister Joanie next to him. At first Joanie refuses to go in, saying “Everyone knows about old Magnolia Simpson. Ever since she lost her head, anyone who goes in there, gets theirs chopped off too.”

After Richie finally persuades her to go through the front door with him, she says, “If I get my head chopped off Richie Cunningham, I’m gonna tell Mum on you.”

Whilst inside, Richie sees something inside a closest which scares him. He runs out with Joanie, slamming the front door behind him. At home he tells his father he thinks he saw a headless body in the closet. Howard tells him it was just his mind playing tricks on him in a suggestive environment.

Richie dresses in a skeleton costume and prepares to head off to the party with Gloria. Howard sees that for some reason Richie is feeling apprehensive. He assures Richie he has nothing to worry about as he’ll be surrounded by friends.

Once at the party, everyone begins enjoying themselves. However things turn chilly when a headless ghost attired in a woman’s dress begins descending the stairs. It’s thought that Ralph is playing some type of trick, but he counters, “Are these the bulging eyes of a jokester?”

Determined to overcome his earlier jitters, Richie faces up to the ghost. He pulls the clothing away to reveal a grinning Bag from the Demons has once again succeeded in crashing the party.

The actress that played the role of Gloria, Richie’s date, was Linda Purl (born 1955). She played Gloria across a total of four episodes in Seasons 1 (1974) and 2 (1975). She then returned in Season 10 (1983) to play the role of Fonzie’s girlfriend, Asley.


One thought on “Episode 6 (S2) – HAUNTED

  1. Ah, the old abandoned house. Interesting that none of the parents were worried about roofs caving in or rotten floorboards and rusty nails puncturing their kids’ limbs. I remember Ms. Purl very well. She was in a movie where she played a mentally challenged girl, and for some reason I always remember her hugging her doll and saying, “I love YOU,” and the man she’s with thinks she’s talking to him. Very strange thing to remember. And yet I do.

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