Episode 7 (S2) – WISH UPON A STAR

Richie wins a competition to go on a date with Hollywood star Cindy Shea. Richie’s steady girlfriend Gloria gives her blessing, telling Richie it’s a once in a life time opportunity.

Richie gets picked up in a limousine and a photographer comes along to mark the occasion. However Richie soon learns that Cindy has a ‘schedule of appearances’ to honor that night – including an orphanage visit, a demolition derby and two other High School dances – in addition to the ‘date’ with him.

Cindy eventually shows up at Richie’s High School dance after which she invites him back to her apartment. Once inside, Richie takes his seat while Cindy excuses herself to ‘slip into something more comfortable.’

Unexpectedly the apartment door opens and the photographer walks in. He introduces himself to Richie as Cindy’s husband. He confides in Richie that Cindy being married isn’t something they go out of their way to advertise as it wouldn’t be good for her image.

Richie tries to hide his disappointment. Cindy emerges and asks Richie did he think they were going to get romantic. Richie says “No, of course not.” even though he clearly was. They finish by drinking hot chocolate together.

The next day Richie tells his friends about the date, leaving certain parts to their imagination.

The role of the Hollywood star Cindy Shea was played by Cheryl Ladd. She is best known for her role in CHARLIE’S ANGELS, which she joined in the show’s 1977 second season, after Farah-Fawcett Majors left the show to pursue a movie career.

Ladd originally came to Hollywood to begin a career in music. She was the singing voice of Melody on the animated series JOSIE AND THE PUSSYCATS. She has released three albums. 

Cheryl Ladd has appeared in over 30 movies, including playing the role of Princess Grace Kelly in a 1983 biopic. Her most recent screen appearance was in the 2021 film A COWGIRL’S SONG.


2 thoughts on “Episode 7 (S2) – WISH UPON A STAR

  1. “Did you think we were going to get romantic?”she asks, after taking them back to her place and then saying, “I’ll slip into something more comfortable.” That’s a [bleep] tease if I ever saw one! No, I thought we were gonna play Monopoly, Cindy! Also interesting that Ms. Ladd was a singer. I had no idea. I watched the trailer for A Cowgirl’s Song. You should have warned me about the sugar overload, Glen! Uggggggh! So sweet, lol !!

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