Episode 10 (S2) – A STAR IS BORED

After another defeat for their baseball team, Richie decides new uniforms are what’s needed to boost team morale.

Together with Ralph and Potsie, Richie begins brainstorming ways to raise the money for the uniforms. They eventually settle on the idea of staging a play and charging for admission.

The play chosen is Shakespeare’s HAMLET. They approach Fonzie to play the lead role but he declines the offer.

However after Potsie says he reminds him of James Dean and Ralph remarks he has a Marlon Brando quality, Fonzie is persuaded to take on the role. His first question is, “Who’s Hamlet?”

In the end, Fonzie puts on a crowd-pleasing performance – along with some unintended humorous moments – and enough money is raised for the boys to buy new baseball uniforms.

Of Shakespeare’s 38 plays, HAMLET is both his longest (the full text has 4042 separate lines of dialogue) and his most widely performed. Disney’s THE LION KING (1994) is in part based on HAMLET.


2 thoughts on “Episode 10 (S2) – A STAR IS BORED

  1. Hmm. Where was I?! I know I saw every single episode of Happy Days, but I don’t remember this one. I thought the mind was like a computer and everything we ever saw, read, and heard was still in there. Thanks for providing the clip. I love Fonzie’s ad lib at the end on “To be or not to be.” Not half bad!

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