Episode 12 (S2) – OPEN HOUSE

Richie invites his friends to a poker game at his house. His parents will be away on an overnight fishing trip. Joanie is going to be at her friend Lisa’s house.

Meanwhile, a car carrying three college girls breaks down near Richie’s house. Fonzie advises the repairs will take longer than expected. The girls are invited to stay overnight at Richie’s house and collect their car the next morning.

During the night, Potsie and Richie try a variety of creative ways to get the girls attention – including laughing loudly outside their room – but all attempts fail. Richie wonders, “There must be girls somewhere that think of us as men.” to which Potsie replies, “There are, but Joanie’s friends are too short.”

Howard and Marion return unexpectedly early the next morning. They are surprised to find three nineteen year old girls staying in their house. Howard remarks, “All I can say is it must have been some poker game here last night.”

And then there’s always…

2 thoughts on “Episode 12 (S2) – OPEN HOUSE

  1. Wow, things were very simple “back in the day.” If MY parents had come home in the ’80s and found three strange girls in the house, their heads would have essentially exploded, lol. I love all the stuff they were doing, trying to get the girls’ attention…just like little boys would.

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