Fonzie announces he is going to get hitched to a woman named Maureen.

He produces a card from his pocket which lists his ‘QUALIFICATIONS FOR THE PERFECT WIFE’

Potsie asks what ‘untried’ means. Ralph responds, “It means she’s never been in court.”

Fonzie asks Richie to be his best man, after admitting Rocky Baruffi was his first choice but he’s in prison.

Fonzie believes Maureen works in a library. However it later comes to light she is a nightclub stripper. Fonzie refuses to believe it at first, before Howard and Richie take him to the strip club to see for himself.

Maureen eventually confides in Fonzie that her dream is not to be a housewife but in the spotlight. They agree to go their separate ways. Fonzie later admits the only thing Maureen had on his ‘qualifications’ list was no mustache.

And then there’s always…

3 thoughts on “Episode 13 (S2) – FONZIE’S GETTING MARRIED

  1. I was gonna say, that’s quite a list, but today in reality TV shows and game shows and whatnot, the womens’ lists are very, very similar. They ALWAYS say a sense of humor, a good listener. But it pretty much ends there. They also want tall (usually) and/or in very good physical shape, handsome (of course), college or SOME college, and a good job that makes lots of $$, of course. So basically, you want your fantasies to come true, right? So Fonzie’s list was very humble, in comparison. “Untried,” was the best one, lol !!

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