Episode 2

The Lemon

Richie pulls up in the carpark of Arnold’s driving his family car. A series of comments directed his way make him aware the vehicle he is behind the wheel of is considered ‘uncool’. When Ralph Malph arrives a few moments later in a flash red convertible, and drives away soon after with Betty and Trudy, Richie gets the message that a new set of wheels is something he must have.

Potsie and Richie pool their funds together – $175 in total – to buy a second hand car. Word quickly spreads that the pair now have their own car. Betty and Trudy call the Cunningham house and leave a message asking Richie to meet them at Arnolds.

Richie and Potsie arrive at Arnolds in their new car and receive a lot of compliments. However it is not long before mechanical problems strike. The boys ask Fonzie to fix the car. He does but for payment asks to keep the car’s shiny silver hood ornament (‘the best part of the car’).

Potsie and Richie go on a date with Betty and Trudy – “up at the lake to watch the submarine races” – in the newly fixed car. A series of things again go wrong ending with the car rolling into the lake with the girls in it after Richie leaves the handbrake off.

Howard turns up to take everyone home and delivers some wise words to Richie along the way. Richie and Potsie end up selling the sodden car to Fonzie for $25 for scrap metal.

Wouldn’t say I’m the sort of person who takes a great interest in car makes and models, but for those who do, the 2nd-hand car Richie and Potsie buy with their $175 is a 1950 Chevrolet Styleline De Luxe Convertible.