Episode 5

Hardware Jungle

Howard develops a sore throat. It is later diagnosed as tonsillitis. He must go to the hospital for an operation. He asks Richie to work at the family hardware store in his place on the Saturday night. Richie had plans to go to a rock’n roll concert with Arlene but he cancels them so he can do the shift.

Richie must ask the Fonz, whom he bought the tickets from, for his money back. However Howard tells Richie he can close the store early, meaning he can still go to the concert. After receiving his money back from Fonzie, he approaches him again to re-buy the same tickets.

Richie completes his shift at the hardware store alongside his friend Potsie. When it is time to leave, Richie accidentally locks himself in. In an attempt to retrieve the keys which are on the outside of the door Richie puts his foot through a plate glass window.

Richie gives his concert tickets to Potsie and tells him to go on without him.. Richie stays behind to wait for the glass repairer. Visiting his father in hospital the next day, Howard tells Richie he is proud of him for the responsibility he showed.

In HAPPY DAYS, Howard Cunningham, or ‘Mr C’ as he later became known, owned his own hardware store named CUNNINGHAM HARDWARE. An internet search reveals a hardware store in Pennsylvania, U.S that goes by that same name today.

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