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Episode 6

The Deadly Dares

Potsie and Richie believe that wearing a ‘Demons’ jacket is ‘date bait’. They persuade Fonzie, who used to be a Demon, to help them join the group. They somehow pass their panel interview at Demon headquarters and are deemed ready to progress to the next stage.

Richie and Potsie are challenged to complete six ‘deadly dares’. These involve such things as making a prank phone call, kissing Marsha the waitress at Arnold’s, pulling the wig off a teacher’s head, standing up and singing the national anthem inside a packed movie theatre and tieing a policeman’s shoelaces together so he topples over.

It is the final dare that proves the most challenging. The pair must dress up as girls and attend the Sock Hop. Their mission is to stay until someone dances with them. The Fonz attends the night and chooses Richie dressed as a girl to dance with, not knowing it is Richie.

While slow dancing together, the Fonz begins blowing in his ‘date’s’ ear. Eventually Richie whispers to Fonzie that it is him. Fonzie pretends to have known all along and says he was just helping Richie out.

After passing all the dares, Richie and Potsie conclude they don’t really like any of the other Demon members. They decide not to join the group afterall. The friends say they now realize – as Howard had advised Richie earlier – any girl impressed with a guy because he wears a Demons jacket isn’t really worth impressing.

A young Ed Begly Jr played the role of head Demon, Hank. Begly’s first credited screen role was in the 1969 Kurt Russell movie THE COMPUTER WORE TENNIS SHOES. In 1972 the actor almost died after being stabbed multiple times during an attack by a street gang. To date he has appeared in 111 films including…

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